South Eastern GoTürkiye

If you want to escape the sun, sea and sand holiday makers and experience Türkiye’s more traditional side, then this is the region for you.

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South Eastern Türkiye

In this region there are many things that make this part of the world a traveller’s paradise: a fascinating historical and architectural heritage, a rich past made of overlapping...


South Eastern Türkiye

In 2015, Türkiye's south-eastern province of Gaziantep was added to a most exclusive list by UNESCO.


South Eastern Türkiye

Pistacia is a genus of flowering plants that includes Pistacia vera (Pistachios) but also has other species that are of less economical value but just as important to local communities that have lived...


South Eastern Türkiye

Our country is surrounded by historical and natural attractions. In fact, each region has its own architectural beauties and artefacts.


South Eastern Türkiye

As soon as I step through the stone arches, I feel like I am riding on a musical wave. Deep voices hum rhythmically.


South Eastern

With an architectural heritage that bedecks the steep slopes with elegantly built golden houses, Mardin guides you to a rich cultural and religious diversity unfolding in every corner of the city.


South Eastern

Predating Stonehenge by 6000 years, Şanlıurfa’s Göbeklitepe upends widely held views on the rise of civilization.


South Eastern

Charming its visitors with the glittering Gypsy Girl mosaic, Gaziantep takes you on a delicious journey of food through a long avenue of local delicacies.

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Gaziantep & Şanlıurfa

Gaziantep is a city in the southeast of Türkiye, and it's widely known as the country's cuisine capital.


South Eastern

Mount Nemrut of Adıyaman is fabulous both at sunrise and sunset, with statues of ancient gods whispering into your ear to leave you truly amazed.

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in Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia is a fantastic place to discover the roots of civilization itself over the course of a long weekend, so here are some of the places you need to explore in this ancient, magical land!


South Eastern

Steeped in history dating back to traces of countless human habitations, Diyarbakır is still a vibrant city with breath taking cultural landscapes on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.


South Eastern

The archaeological excavations which have taken place at the Hallan Çemi Mound in the district of Kozluk near Batman have unearthed various ornaments, animal statues and stone tools, with these items revealing that the first settlement in the Batman region stretches back some 12,000 years.


South Eastern

To portray a city of Mesopotamia is to portray the world” wrote Gerald Maclean in his work The Rise of Oriental Travel: English Visitors to the Ottoman Empire, 1580-1720.


South Eastern

Şırnak is a city set in the foothills of Mount Judi which rises to a height 2114 metres. According to the beliefs of some Noah's Ark landed on Mount Judi.